Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Saturday Was Beautiful And We took Advantage Of It!

Lots of stuff this weekend, so I'll break it down over the next few days. I can't believe we're out playing in light jackets and t-shirts and it's late January early February. It started a little cool as I left teh house, but quickly warmed up into the 60's, ya gotta love the South.

Anyway, I get to the shop and Ian is outside getting ready to test ride his bike with the new exhaust. It sounds bad ass, even when it was running on one cylinder. Later that morning the pushrods were readjusted and everything was good for a while.

Ian getting ready for his test ride.

David even rode the Pan over to the shop. Gotta get those break in miles done to work out the bugs so this beast can make it to BMR this year.

Even Whitey got there ahead of me (the Wife and I stayed out late the night before). It's nice to see more than just my bike outside the shop on Saturdays.

Larry and David talking with me and Whitey (we're hiding).

Whitey and David talking about the sweet on Indian that's in the shop.

And since Saturday was Mathew's Birthday here is a nice clean shot of his bike with his new paint addition to the gas tank. This is sure a lot better than the old mini-calendar page of some old asian tranny that David had on there. Stay tuned, there's more to come.

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