Monday, February 13, 2012

We Interupt Your Regularly Scheduled Boring Day To Bring You.....

My Flyrite/Sporty Chop with new 8" over fork tubes!!!!!! I had 4" overs on it and it was ok (notice the lower case ok). Now, with the new tubes it is KICK ASS!. Check out the pics and let me know what you think. If I keep this progress thing going I MIGHT actually even finish this bike one day.

I wish I had taken a pic when I had one short and one long leg on the bike.

Got that nice chopper lean going on.

Straight out of a Dave Mann painting

Chopper Glory My Friends!

I am loving this bike now.

After I took these pics I cut an inch out of the center of the handlebars and Larry welded them back together for me. But I'll post pics of that later.


  1. Looks great! Why no love on JT and I riding to lunch on Saturday?!? I still haven't thawed out!

  2. I think the only thing I might suggest is a set of pullback on the bars...up high, then back and down to your hands...they would flow with the lines of the bike a bit more...give it that true mid 70s kind of look.

    either way, she is sweet as hell!! looking forward to seeing a poic of you riding it before too long!

  3. Ian I took no pictures so your frosty balls ride never happened, sorry ;-)

  4. Can't do pullback in the bars, then they wouldn't sit right for me. As they are now they hit me in just the right spot and I am for sure one to sacrifice a little cool for comfort and rideability ;-)

  5. Looks good dood...and it was COLD...not that you would have noticed from the comfort of your car. Hehehe...