Friday, February 3, 2012

Last Post About Saturday....Maybe!

OK, FINALLY we got ready to ride to Larry's.

Everyone saddling up. Laura (David's sweetie) rode with me since he doesn't have passenger pegs yet. Plus I have a much more comfy seat on my bike.

Larry let Bill borrow the Buell since Bill's clutch cable is broken, the rest of us are getting ready to roll.

Moon got bored and rode circles in the lot.

Heading out! I like to ride in a group about this size. Much bigger and you start to run into issues unless everyone is really used to each other.

Through Alabaster we ride!

Stopped to see who we lost. Turns out that Ian's bike broke the shifter and had to turn back, but he was OK, Bill ran out of gas, but was able to limp into a gas station and the rest of us rolled on. Right here is where the battery on my camera dies and I left my spare back at the shop. Oh well you can see pics of Larry's place later after it's all finished. We had fun!

I'll be out of town next week for work training and Larry and the guys are going to the Brodown this weekend, so I'm not sure what I'll have posted next week, but I'll figure something out.

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