Saturday, February 11, 2012

Home From Ashville!

I had to go to Ashville, NC this week for some work training, but I made it home safe. While I was there I took advantage of the chance to stop by Hugh's Handbuilt. This shop is one of the premier sources for cool stuff to keep your XS650 running right and powering your bad ass chopper/bobber/dirt tracker. I'll break the visit into a couple of posts because as usual I took way too many pictures (like that is really possible). Check it out and keep checking back....

I left Birmingham and drove to Chattanooga, then up to Knoxville and across I-40 to Ashville. I-40 is the only Interstate I've driven where you actually HAVE to drive slower and use your brakes. It's basically an old mountain road that was widened and paved. Yes, I did use a work car to take the trip, it was for work so get off my back. In this shot I looked ahead and saw these beautiful mountains so I had to snap a shot.

Another great view of the mountains. I have roots up in these hills so I always enjoy this area of the country.

Finally got to the NC line. The interstate is so curvy and mountainous here that the Welcome Center is 10 miles further down the road.

I finally arrived at Hugh's and was greeted by Roxy. What a great dog. Of course I wanted to bring her home with me. Yeah, they know the sign is misspelled. It will get replaced, but they thought this was funny so they used it. The shop is in an old candle factory that has been turned into an artist's enclave. It's a great and very creative environment to make cool stuff.

I love old tanks so of course I take pictures when I find them.

The shop shirts. If you see this design on someone you know they have good taste!

Hugh doing some welding, Every cool shop has some welding going on! More to come stay tuned.

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