Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Looking For A Good Deal On Afew Parts!

I need to pick up a few more big pieces for the Flyrite and figured I'd ask around and see if someone has a few pieces to help me out. What I need is a starter that will fit a evo sportster (my engine is an '89), a sissy bar that fits under a flat fender. I still plan to finish the one I started, but I want to finish this soon so I thought I'd go with one already made. I'd like a set of upswept fishtails for an evo sporty and I need an ignition set up. Also if anyone has one of Fab Kevin's invisible seat hinges they decided to not use I could really use one of those. I'm sure I need more, but that's the biggest and most important stuff. You can reply to this post or contact me at jd_choppers_rule@yahoo.com Thanks for the help and I'll keep posting pics as I make progress!

Monday, June 25, 2012

The Flyrite Sporty Is Finally Home

As most of you know I've owned this bike for a couple of years and have been slowly working on it as I could. This whole time it's been at Larry's shop (Garage Company Customs) where I would tinker with it on Saturdays when I could, or when I had parts/supplies. Well finally most of the fab work is done and since Larry and Ashley are going to be gone for a couple of weeks to Born Free, I figured now is a good time to bring her home. This way I can work on it when I have time instead of just on Saturdays. Before, I had to remember to get/order the stuff I needed, and then remember to take it with me or find a way to transport it to the shop on Saturday. Sometimes this was a pain plus it's hard to concentrate and work on your bike when everyone else is cutting up, having fun or just working on something more interesting. This way I don't have all the distractions and hopefully I'll make some progress. My first batch of parts should be here today and some more will be here tomorrow. I still have stuff to get, but at least I'm on my way now.

I have to take a minute to thank Larry for letting me leave the bike sitting at the shop so long. Larry is a good friend and has been truly supportive of me during this build. I also have to say thanks to Spenser for helping me, encouraging me and sometimes just plain ol' doing it for me (Larry did some of this too). It's good to have friends and I hope all of you are able to find folks you can hang out with, work with and basically just share your love of cool bikes with. I also want to thank Bill, Ian, Ross and Whitey for all the support, help and Brotherhood they've provided. Enjoy the pics and stay tuned I hope to be posting more like this soon.

Outside the new shop waiting to go on the trailer.

Big Boss Ross from Southpaw Machine hooked me up and gave the girl a ride home. He's the only one I know with a trailer long enough .

You can see here that she takes up damn near the whole rail. Hopefully during this build will be the only times she ever sits on a trailer.

Got her to the house, Ross is amazed that I think I'll be able to squeeze her in my crowded garage.

Ready to get off the trailer and into her new home.

The next day I pulled her out and sat there staring at her as I made a list of what I need to buy and what I need to do. It's not a comprehensive list, but it's enough to get me most of the way there. Yeah, you can see that I'm a geek with my tablet and keyboard. But it DOES do a good job of keeping me organized and lets me look stuff up without having to come back inside and using the desktop computer.

I love these lines and can't wait to have a long bike on the road again. The Triumph used to be set up very similar to this and I've missed having a bike with that style.

All my babies are together for the first time at home.

I'll post more as I get parts and start to get some work done.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Saved The Boss For Last!

If you read Cycle Source then you've seen this bike. Chris the editor of CS has been riding his old bagger for a long time while in his head he was thinking up his dream bike just like the rest of us. It seems the stars and planets finally aligned because Chris was able to bring his dream to life. With the help of some good friends and Brothers he was able to gather parts and people at the Cycle Source Garage and bring this dream to life. Of course a side trip was in order to get the guidance of a legendary bike guru in the form of Roadside Marty's Dad for the engine build. Once the heart of the beast was in order everyone reconvened at the CS garage and wrenches started spinning. If you want the details you can check out the last few issues of the mag. It's all there so I won't bother to rehash it here. It's enough to say that this bike is even more beautiful in person and it seems that Chris is determined to ride the hell out of it. These pics were taken Sunday morning as I was waiting for the dew to dry on my tent so I could start to pack up. It was really the first time I saw the bike sitting still long enough to take pictures. Check em out and remember that we'll be doing all of this again next year so you need to make plans to be there yourself.

The paint is gorgeous and I'm diggin' the pipes.

Makes ya wanna just climb on and go doesn't it?

Love those classic six-bend bars. Look close for all the details, there are a million to find and just when you think you've found them all you see another.

That's Chris' other bike behind it. Be there next year so that you can see this for yourself!

That's it for BMR this year, I'll be moving on to other stuff soon.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Almost The Last BMR Post.

Another fun filled post of rich and creamy chopper goodness. Today we have a pic that i should have posted the other day. It's the dished tank bike with it's rider heading up to the bar area. After that are some more cool bikes that I hope you enjoy.

Now they are complete. One is useless without the other ;-)

Some Hate City Love! I love these guys, they are a trip to hang out with and build some really cool stuff!

Another view of this fine XL.

Gotta love the coon tail hanging from the back. Pure Georgia redneck right there ;-P

Moons bike with the borrowed tank from the old Weed Steed.

Bad ass flattie!

Another view.

Nice shovelhead built by this guys brother at Milkhaus. Pretty sweet ride so look up the shop!

Knucklehead Love! I may have posted this one already but I don't care. It's that damn beautiful.

Dig the cool shift handle!

Stay tuned for more fun!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Another Fun Filled Bike Post!

Another round of chopper goodness from the Big Mountain Run. Check em out and if you know any details about the bikes please post it up in the comments..

Nice Shovelhead with a dished tank and devil's tail sissybar.

I've always liked the Goodson style air cleaners and custom springers are ALWAYS cool.

Classic clean shovel, I like it! This is what people were riding when I got into this gig over 20 years ago.

I LOVE this Triumph, I wish I knew something about it. I took pictures, but never saw anyone around who looked like they were claiming it. If you know something PLEASE post it.

The paint was badass! They even painted the fork shrouds up by the headlight AND the lower legs.

Nice set of pipes and even more of a look at the rear fender and sissy bar.

Love the paint, look at the detail, it's even fishscaled on the forks. These are the little details that separate a cool bike from a totally bad ass one!

Even the tailight was cool and unusual.

And finally Stogie Joe's Sporty ready to celebrate Memorial Day.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Happy 237th Birthday To The U.S. Army

Today is the 237th Birthday of the U.S. Army as well as Flag Day.Be sure to stop for a minute and think about what this means. Our Govt. leaders may be as screwed up as a football bat, but the core of our country is still great. We must work hard to take back the reins of leadership and rebuild what we have lost. Fly your flag today and remember the men and women who have served in the Army's uniform over the last 237 years.

Photo courtesy of Jnn13

Image borrowed from the Ft. Carson Army Ball website.

Image tactically relocated courtesy of http://vietnamwarflight.com

Back to the regularly scheduled Biker madness tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Even MORE Bike Pics From BMR

More bike to drool over! I walked around while the sun was going down on Saturday and these are some of the pics I took. Check em out, enjoy them and come back later for more.

Nice Shovel, I usually don't like overly flashy paint, but this works for me. It's kinda wild, but classic enough to work.

The other side.

Pretty cool treatment of a softail. It has classic lines but with an evo for dependability. I doubt the shocks do much good lowered like this and of course the "suspension" adds about 60 pounds, but it looks good and when the time is right it can be taken all the way to true rigidville.

See what I mean about the nice lines?

My Josh Kurpius tribute. One day I'll take pics as cool as his.

Don Woods legendary chopper!

Bad ass Sporty chop of course I forgot to write down the details too.

His wife painted the tank and it came out great.

The pipes are asymmetrical but look bad ass anyway. I dig it!
There is the man himself so you can see the genius behind this bike even if I am too stupid to write stuff down.

This bike was LOOOONNNGGGG!!!

I wish I could have gotten pics with it more out in the open so I could show you just how long this beast is.

Look at those damn forks!! It looked straight out of an old biker flick when it was bouncing across the campsite. 

That's it for today, check back later for more!