Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Random Scenes From Saturday

Saturday started out OK, but by 11 it had turned to crap. You can see in the first pic how it was. It was raining so hard when I left around 4:30 or so that my raingear even started to leak. Luckily I was headed home and could change clothes.


Bill and Chubbs killed some time by playing fetch with a damn 16" tire. Gotta love his big goofy ass.

Larry actually working while we tried to distract him. He did a good job of ignoring us ;-)

Bill's XS with a tank Spenser made. We decided to see what it looked like. It looked REAL good, but Stewie won't let Bill have it.

I posted pics a while back of Spenser making this. Since then he's added the short tunnel and finished it up.

Larry, David and Spenser. Larry and Spenser were setting up a frame jig to hardtail a frame while David drank beer and egged....I mean cheered them on.

My Triumph and the Flyrite Sporty hanging out together. I was working on the sissy bar when I took this. I'll be bringing the Triumph home soon since Larry will be moving soon.


  1. Leaky raingear sucks.
    Where is Larry moving...I have only heard the rumors.

  2. They bought a new/old house with 5 acres of land around it. He's having a shop built there. We're supposed to help him move weekend after next.

  3. I'm slowly working on the Sporty. I'll finish it one day.