Thursday, February 16, 2012

Just Some Pictures.

Been playing with a Beta copy of Lightroom 4 lately and these are some of the pictures I've taken and color corrected using LR4. They were good pictures I think to begin with, but I really like them now that I've played with them a bit. Check em out and tell me what you think.

Larry welding some stainless bars.

Crusty Magneto from a '69 XLCH project bike.

Intake from the same project, this bike is rough and crusty.


Cannon on Lookout Mountain

Another cannon in Point Park.


  1. Thanks, I try to get better and keep them interesting.

  2. Fucking Hell to the Yeah brother! This is gonna get good. #1 and #3 is the bees knees. #1 has incredible color that brings out details not normally noticed and is somewhat futuristic, Star Wars esk (sp) if you will, and the subject matter is definitely cool. Pic #3,is extremely novel itself, but as spring comes and there are more old parts and including highly modified "vintage period correct pieces" (haha) the formatting used for this photo will explode into some timeless images. Keep it up man.

    Oh yeah, I fucking love art by the way and married an artist so if you were wondering why I really dig the goodness you just posted, that's why.

    AJ in MS

  3. Thanks! It's nice when people appreciate my work. :-)