Sunday, February 26, 2012

Some of you may know Stephen Berner. He was the editor of IronWorks for awhile and now he has a new project. It's called 45Dgree and it's a fun place to look around and find cool stuff to read, to see and just to check out. It's a free site and is worth every penny of that to join. Recently Stephen asked me to write for the site and I accepted. It won't stop my blogging here it's just a chance to get a little more exposure and help give some coverage to my friends on another site. So check out and you'll see my name under contributors. My next story should be up on Wednesday. In the meantime look around and read what interests you. I think you'll find yourself poking around there for quite a while. OK, the regular craziness will continue in the morning. We had a good weekend ;- )

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