Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Working On The Oil Tank

We made a little progress on my oil tank this weekend. I started with a really nice tank from Spitfire Motorcycle Parts. The tank was beautiful, but didn't fit well in the Flyrite Frame with a Sportster motor. Or at least it didn't fit how I wanted it to. That means some chopping was in order. You've seen the past posts where I had to cut the notch in the tank to get it to fit where I wanted it, this time I'm working on finishing it up so it will hold oil again......

The tank with the notch cut and the piece of sheetmetal I'm using to make the tank whole again.

I bent the sheetmetal over some tubing to keep it from creasing.

Trimmed most of the excess away and test fitted it.

Another view.

I marked the new piece so I can trim more excess away....

Then I cut that excess off.

Fits fairly well and works perfectly on the bike.

Larry started on the welding. He tacked it in place then I made some pieces to fill in the square cuts I had made.

The new pieces being welded on. This is the bottom of the tank so I just made the pieces to fill in the gaps. For the top I'll put more effort into it and try to get the pieces to fill in a little nicer and blend better as well.

Larry went ahead and did all the welding that he could and then did some grinding so that the new piece would be more flush. We'll be moving GarCo to it's new location this weekend, but after Larry gets settled in I'll make the last two pieces and finish this puppy up.

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