Sunday, February 12, 2012

The People Of Hugh's Handbuilt!

With any good shop the secret of success is the people brought on board to make it all happen. In the case of Hugh's he has been fortunate to be able to assemble a good crew. These guys love what they are doing and seem to have fun doing it. So I guess it's time for you to meet them.

First up we have Hugh and his Boss, the ever lovable Roxy ;-)

This is Tevan sitting on the Cafe Racer he is currently working on. I saw some really cool details coming together for this one. It should be a sweet bike when it's finished. Tevan handles the lathe for Hugh and treats that machine like his girlfriend. Hell, the lathe probably treats him better than a normal girlfriend would.

This is Brian, another integral part of the crew. He is currently working on an FXR while also working to learn as much as he can about bikes in general. Brian was building workbenches, removing a motor and damn near any other task that Hugh tossed at him.

We were comparing set ups on different bikes here. The "digger" that Brian is sitting on is Hugh's newest project. Hopefully we'll see it on the road at BMR.

The "Man" at work. You can see he's been busy since from what I heard he normally keeps this machine spotless.

The boss man getting his hands dirty. Hugh is a great guy to hang out with. He was a great host who made me feel welcome while at the same time he kept getting stuff done. Ya gotta know what you're doing to pull that off.

Soon I'll show you some of the bikes that were in the shop.

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