Friday, February 3, 2012

Saturday After Lunch.

Seems like this day is going on forever doesn't it? It only seems that way when you're dealing with a photo whore like me. I love to take pictures ;-) After we finished eating we headed back to the shop to take care of a few things before heading over to Larry & Ashley's new house.

Duane riding back to the shop.

We're Back!

Duane's Shovelhead.

Moon's XL with his new paint.

Whitey and Duane talking about the extended Triumph forks David bought for the Panhead.

Whitey had to leave to take care of some family stuff.

And that's where I'll end for now. Stay tuned I think I'll have another post up around lunch time.


  1. One of the guys who rode over with Duane and Moon. I've seen him around, but don't know his name.