Friday, February 24, 2012

A Few More From The World Of Wheels

This is the last stuff I'll post from this years WoWs. Some of it is scary, some of it is sad and some is pretty kick ass. Climb aboard and let's go see what we find......

I can't believe that people still think that bolting every aftermarket piece available to a bike makes it custom and show worthy. The bike was clean and nice, but there is WAY too much crap on here.

I thought this style of bike was dead, but I guess there are still a few diehards out there.

If your tire is bigger than your girl's butt then it;s too damn wide!

This bike was featured! It's a clean build and had some damn nice craftsmanship, but c'mon let's move on from this fad please.

If your ass is so damn fat you need dual shocks then maybe you shouldn't be riding a Sportster!!!!!!

This clean BSA has been in EVERY WoW's I can remember. It helps me cleanse the images of some of the other bikes from my brain.

Big Daddy Roth's son carrying on the family business. I still have a shirt I bought from Mr. Ed Roth himself at a show years ago with his autograph on it.

The Rat Fink booth, of course I bought another shirt ;-)

And just because it's one of my favorite cars.

I don't know why I like these tailights so much, but they just work for me.

And finally a Munsters tribute kind of car. Not really close to the original used on the TV show, but still pretty cool.

Stay tuned for more regularly scheduled chopper goodness

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