Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ridin' In The Rain

Just so y'all fair weather riders know what a dirty bike looks like. I thought I'd throw up these pics of my softail after a week of riding to work everyday in the rain. I have good gear so I stay dry, but these damn dirty roads do a number on my nice pretty shiny bike. Oh well, at least I start and end each day with a bike ride, while all the losers go to work in their damn cars.

My poor engine will never be black again. At best it'll get to a dark grey. At least in this pic you can see the bad ass points cover Ross at Southpaw made for me.

Doesn't matter how good your fenders work if the damn work truck in front of you sprays all the crud back onto you. Rides like this are when you're glad they brought back the bubble shield.

It even splashes up over the rear fender. You can also see my connector fro my heated gear sticking up. Screw being cool, when it's 23° in the morning you appreciate what Gerbing has done for us.

Stay Warm, Stay Dry, but get off your ass and ride!

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