Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Some Lunch On A Warm Sunday!

Well, since everyone else left town Whitey and I decided to get out and ride a bit and pick up some lunch ourselves. We ended up riding around a bit and decided to stop at Dave's Pizza in Homewood. The food was pretty good and we had a good time just hanging out. With work and family I don't get to see Whitey enough. It was a good day, but with only the two of us don't expect too many pics, but here's what I have ;-)

Getting ready to leave Dave's for the ride home. That's Whitey with his slick little head.

Headin' down Hwy 31

Up on the bluff

O took the lead and shot this over my shoulder. Not bad for guessing where to point the camera.

This one came out even better. Sometimes I get lucky just pointing the camera in a direction and seeing what happens.

Sweet little TR6 we saw. I love Triumph cars, this makes me miss my old Spitfire.

Whitey passing me as I turn off for the house.

Get out and ride, it's not that cold and it'll do ya some good.


  1. Wow...buzzed...
    Picture 3...I know that road well.

  2. Picture #4 from the top, with the rider in the corner would make the PERFECT ride flyer! The next time you put something together, you'll have all the space to put the info... yeah.