Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bike's Of Hugh's Handbuilt!

When I was visiting at Hugh's shop of course there were a bunch of bikes in the shop. Some were being built by the crew and some belonged to friends and customers. Hugh said I could take pics so I did and now I'll share them with you. Hope ya like what you see, I know I sure as hell did.

Cool little brat style bike.

Hugh's latest creation, part drag bike, part digger, part chop/bob and a whole lot of handbuilt cool as hell stuff tossed in for good measure. Check out the details from the tilted motor to the hand made custom girder. It's all super nice and well thought out.

The ORIGINAL Hugh's Handbuilt bike. This is pretty much what got the ball rolling. It's been in a few mags so if you want more details go dig up the back issues.

The other side. This is one clean well done bike. Every time I looked at it I saw something else that was cool.

Customer's street tracker. He thought it was an OK runner, now it has one of Hugh's rephased motors in it and it is a beast just chomping at the bit to be turned loose!

Other side, super clean and very nice details.

The bike Hugh built for his Wife. Like all the others it couldn't be left alone.....

Stare at this for a while and see if you can figure out what's been changed.

Brian's FXR morphing from a Low Rider to a sweet custom! Y'all don't be hatin' on his rear fender, it's from an XS650 and works really well with the lines of the bike. I dig it!

Teven and his cafe racer.....

Good lines so far and quite a few custom pieces going into this one as well.

Custom swingarm

The curved part of the swingarm brace was actually the first time Teven had bent tubing like that. It sure as hell came out better than the first time I ever tried it.

There you have it, just a few more reasons to support this fine business. I love seeing these young guys keeping the spirit alive and building cool new stuff!

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