Thursday, February 2, 2012

Another Lunch Ride, Another Sunny Warm Saturday In January

OK, so we're all at the shop hanging out. Larry has to leave to deal with a pain issue at the new house. So we all screw around until he gets back then it's off to lunch. It seems that the issue with Ian's bike is that the front cyl. pushrods are out of adjustment so Ian works on it a bit while we harass him. Larry decides he's hungry so he jumps in and gets them adjusted real quick then leaves Ian to put it all back together.

Ian doing it quick and dirty while Ian studies and learns the secrets of the ironhead.

How many guys does it take to supervise? I don't know because I was busy supervising the supervisors.

Larry had to leave to meet Ashley and some others at the restaurant. A few of us hung back and waited for Ian to finish.

Whitey on the way to eat.

The lunch table, Moon & Duane came over for lunch and to ride out to Larry's afterwards. It was great to see them it's been a while. They've been missed. That's Mathew enjoying his Birthday Lunch and Laura is next to him.

Farther around the table from the left, that's Larry's hand, then Ashley, one of Mathew's friends, another guy I don't know who rode over with Duane and Moon and finally Ape Knuckles.

My end of the table we've got Bill catching flies, Whitey wondering what the hell Bill is looking at and Ian checking out some chick.

This is how a lunch parking lot should look. The guy on the bagger couldn't resist pulling into our crowd and taking pics to impress his wife. This isn't even all the bikes, I'm telling you it was a good day!

Moon kickstarting his ironhead while the rest of us watch.

More to come, but I have to do some color adjusting the sun & clouds were playing hell with my camera that day.

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