Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Bastard Bash is coming up in August.

Trying to get things together to make the trip to the Bastard Bash at Deal's Gap in August. I'm getting pretty excited and am ready to go except that I need to get my damn Sportster running first. If you haven't heard of the Quad Cam Bastards you need to check out the QCB Blog  It's basically a group of Sportster Chopping Bastards who decided to start having a gathering of forum members. It's started to grow and now pretty much anyone is invited. Come up for the fun and enjoy the party. You can get more info here. In the meantime here are some pics I took last year to get you in the right frame of mind.

Gotta love a motorcycle resort being taken over by a group of chopper freaks.

This bike came all the way from Canada to partake of the festivities.

It had already been removed by the time I took this, but when this bike arrived it had a keg mounted to the sissy bar with an old Sporty oil tank mounted on the side with the tap installed. This beer went QUICK!

Alvarez's bike from Florida.

Everyone broke up into groups and went riding to different places.

My good friend Hollie's bike from Ohio.

The bikes are starting to trickle back in and people are getting their drinking shirts on.

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