Monday, June 13, 2011

More Fun From A Rainy Saturday

These are the last of the pics from Saturday. After this it's back to BMR or vintage pics for a few days. When I say vintage I mean my old pics form the 80-90's, not the really cool stuff from the 60-70's. Hope ya like this stuff and if not, check back, I'll find something cool to post sooner or later

Moon tackling a stripped bolt in his primary. He's lucky, this was his Dad's bike and was put together back in the 80's so it hasn't been boogered up by cheap bastards for the last 20 years. If something doesn't seem right he can check with his Dad to see if it's been screwed with before. Most of us old Ironhead owners are not that lucky.

Digging into the guts of the beast.

Yep, it was raining outside so the goofyness commenced! The owner of this bike added a clip on FL type fairing with a radio and speakers, She brought it into GarCo to have the guys do the work and get it painted for her. As we all know if it's on the shop floor it is open for mayhem. In this case Ian and Ross decided to show us how much they love to ride together. It appears that Ross does have the holding on technique nailed down and is secure in his position.

The boys up close. Can't you see the love/lust in their eyes?

 I DID get a little work accomplished on my Sporty project at least. Ross helped me get the spacers I needed machined . NOW, I can work on getting the rear fender mounted and figuring out what I want the sissy bar to look like. This shows the brake side. I'm using the stock rear caliper and mount. I just need to decide what I'll use to take up the slack left over by using this on a round frame tube instead of the big square of the stock swing arm.

 I think I'm going to use the stock mid control foot pegs as a kind of reverse highway peg set up. I have arthritis in my hips (from my old Army days) and can't ride with mids for long, but it gives me a spot to shift my feet around when I get on the open road.

The sprocket side is spaced now as well.

Tune in tomorrow, same bat-time, same bat-blog!


  1. Ross and Ian look entirely too comfy, we need to keep an eye on those two.

  2. I hear that. I've always wondered about them. Now we know!