Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bikes From Friends No Longer With Us.....

Found these pics of bikes that belonged to a couple of my Brothers who are no longer among us. They're quite a few years old, but kick ass bikes none the less. Check em out and enjoy. Hopefully I'll get over this melancholy mood and get some more bad ass pics posted.

JD's Sportster. (John "JD" Foster) JD was a damn good friend for many years. We rode together, laughed together and did a few other things I shouldn't mention till the statute of limitations runs out. That's an earlier version of my Triumph in the background. We rode everywhere together and always managed to have a damn good time.

One of the many bikes JD built while I knew him. Unfortunately a crash took him away from us a couple of years ago. Ride On Brother!

Yep, we both liked blue.

Another good Brother was Blaine Smith. He was always wheeling and dealing to pick up some cool stuff. Blaine was a big help in getting the Triumph back on track, he didn't get to see the latest version, but I still have the pieces he made for me on the bike. He is the man who made the rack on the rear fender, as well as the one who helped me get upswept fishtails on my old Shadow ACE 750. This bike was a Triumph chopper that was built, painted, but never had an engine installed back in the 70's or early 80's. Blaine got it off ebay, put his motor in it and proceeded to terrorize the town. He eventually sold it because he was afraid he would be the one to screw it  up and he didn't want to be that guy.

Blaine was taken from us by a heart attack a few years ago and he is greatly missed by those of us who knew him.

Dig the cool paint on the rear fender of the Triumph.

This is the neck area of the bike. Now you see why he didn't want to be the one to screw it up. Rest In Peace Brother. We'll ride together again one day.

OK, tomorrow I will post something, cool, bad ass or at least not so depressing!

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