Friday, June 3, 2011

Lunch Ride Last Saturday

We had a nice ride to lunch last Sat. Spenser broke his key switch on his shovel so he decided to ride the "Artistry in Iron" bike (Negra Pantaloons) to lunch. This little Panheaded beasty is a monster! This bike has PLENTY of power and Stewy wasn't even raising hell with it. It's just gonna get better as it gets broke in too. Anyway, enjoy the pics I for sure enjoyed taking them.

Took a picture of Ashley taking a picture of Spenser. Of course I thought it was funny, no one else did ;-)

Stewy trying to get me to come over and give him a hug.

Just playing around with how I held the camera. I was trying to not get my handlebars in the pic.

Ed came along as well. He keeps up pretty good for an old guy (HEY! He's older than me at least!)

Ed slipping up alongside me.

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