Friday, July 1, 2011

GarCo 2011 Smokeout Chop Off Bike Finished!

Larry finally got the bike finished and took it to the Smokeout. There is a story from the Long Road that I still need to get details of before I share it. In the meantime check out these pics I took today. I'll get better shots later, but I thought I'd share these for now.

The engraved motor is beautiful! Shane outdid himself with the engraving and Larry will be blowing black boogers for quite a while after all the polishing.

The wizard on the tank Rules!

That is one LOOOOONG bike.

Even longer from this view!

The forks that L.A. Speed Shop narrowed for Larry.

I took this picture of the tank while the bike was being reassembled. Once again Shane outdid himself. The detail in this painting are unbelievable. Ya gotta see it in person to catch all of it.