Thursday, June 2, 2011

More Randoms Because It Is...

hell week at work and my neck is giving me fits. It sucks getting old! Anyway, here are a bunch of pics to get you by. I'll be mixing some current stuff in with the BMR stuff after this one....

Hanging out, waiting for the sun to go down and the craziness to begin.

Gettin' gas before riding up to the falls.

Wading in the Hiawassee.

Larry with "Dixie wrecked" loaded down and rollin.

Larry, Warren and Teach.

DO NOT eat at this place. The service was so bad I almost choked a damn hippie!

Remember to come back tomorrow, same bat-time, same bat-channel!


  1. Great pics as usual brother Jeff!!!

  2. Thanks! I've been trying to get better.

  3. What kind of cheese did you want on that???

  4. LMFAO!!! Rob, those guys were great at cust. svc weren't they? My pics didn't come out as good as I hoped, but I can still use it to identify them later after another customer kills them