Monday, June 20, 2011

The Rockabilly Luau was a Blast...

Even though we got rained out before some of the good stuff happened. I saw a couple of songs from a band I didn't get the name of and got to see the entire set from the Psycho Devilles. They even did their last couple of songs in the rain. That's hardcore when your instruments are made of wood. It sucks that the rain cut off the rest of the show, but it was still a good time and I got to see the small car show and a few bikes that were ridden in. I hope they do something like this again. I'd love to go back to Atlanta for more.

Sweet Shovelhead sitting outside.

Another view, this bike was pretty damn original and looked like it was ready to ride a million miles.

One of the MC's for the show. She was done up right!

Crazy sportbike/Frankenstein with a hand shifter. Pretty wild, but it was ridden in and THAT is always a bonus. Can't say this one is cookie cutter, that's for damn sure.

The other side, dig the extended swingarm and custom made rear section and exhaust.

Hairbraine's chopped Softail. Check out his pinup work!

A few shots of the Psycho Devilles. They put on a great show and I can't wait to see them again.
Hot Rod Walt standing on "Stubbs" Diffin's Bass.

Singin' in the rain!

Steve "Burnout" Barnett still pounding the skins even with the liquid sunshine.

I told you they were HOT!!

I'll post some more pics later from this one. There were some damn nice cars and a few folks worth showing to ya.

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