Sunday, June 12, 2011

It Rained Saturday and Messed Up My Plans....

I had planned to hang out at GarCo for a little bit, then go back over to Conte Kustoms to get some better shots of their bikes. I only made it to GarCo before the rain came crashing down. I ended up hanging out there until after 5 waiting for the roads to dry enough to ride home. I didn't take my rain gear since it was only a 30% chance of rain and around here that just means its daytime in the summer for Alabama. I managed to get a few pics so I'll share what I have...

Spenser working on a friend/customer's bike. He did a LOT of the work, but got the GarCo guys to handle the stuff he didn't have tools or experience for. In this shot Stewy is shortening the handlebars they made.

Outside for a test ride around the parking lot.

Ok, we survived the trip around the lot, let's go down the road a little ways!

Coming back from the test ride. Everything was A-OK!

Larry working on the Chop Off bike for the Smoke Out.

I got a few more pics, but I'll save those. Don't want to spoil y'all!


  1. Rain sucks. It's been intermittent here over the last few days and has put a downer on everything. I feel your pain.

    Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

  2. Jeff,
    Any idea what kinda seat that is. i'm looking for it and p-pad. holla back, dawg. i love u!

  3. It's a Le Pera. Here's a link to an ebay auction I found....