Sunday, June 26, 2011

Conte Kustoms Revisit!

Finally got a chance to stop back in at Conte Kustoms. Been trying to get back by there since the Open House, but weather and circumstances kept getting in the way. I'm glad I made it by, they have some exciting stuff about to happen and I'll get to see it all from the start and of course through me, so will you. First thing, if you've tried to get in contact with them and had problems that's because Raph had a minor accident in a cage and got banged up a little. He's OK, just beat up a bit. He's back at it now and ready to help you with your bike. The shop is just getting things rolling after moving from Raph's garage into a real shop so we spent a lot of my visit talking about the ideas they have and with me sharing with them things I've seen work from 20 years of riding and 10 years in the print industry. Keep your eyes open for them to start showing up in a lot of places both in the cyber world and the real one.

Part of the work area. This is a bike that the owner built but needed CK to help him out. They rewired the bike, mounted the new gas tank and did a few other things. Now it's up to the owner to finish what he started. That's the beauty of a shop like this. They're happy to help you get through a part of your project or to build the whole thing for you. Bring them anything from a simple service to a full blown custom (or should I say Kustom) build and you'll be happy with the results. I can guarantee you that you'll save money on your service if you bring it here instead of a dealer.

Another section of the shop where the goodies are kept. I saw a lot of good stuff stashed over here. It's a nice workbench and a place to keep the extra stuff. Up on the shelves are some sheetmetal and other stuff just waiting for a new place to ride.

The next shop project. It's a '74 CB750 SOHC (I had my notebook with me this time). The bike came as part of a trade for some work and it's all there. I can't wait to see what direction it goes in. I'll be posting updates on this one as it progresses.

The other side. You can see how rough it is, but I've seen much worse starting points that ended up show quality.

All the missing stuff is in a box. The motor turns and has good compression so we're hopeful that it's good inside.

Told you it was rough.

This bike is for sale! It's a Honda VLX and is a killer little bike that will keep up with any cruiser out there AND will last for over a 100k miles. Give em a call and buy this beast so they can fund the next project!

Conte Kustom
643-A Stuart Lane, Pelham, AL 35124
(205) 757-7238


  1. I haven't had a chance to check them out yet. Need to swing by there and check them out.

  2. Kinda related to this topic, I found this link. When will it comeout in a Harley version?