Wednesday, June 22, 2011

And Another Visit To the BMR

Got some more BMR pics to share. There are just too many cool bikes to not keep sharing even if it takes me 6 months. Enjoy the pics and start planning now to attend next years party.

This bike is just plain kick ass. Just sit and stare at it for a bit and you'll start to notice the little details that make or break a bike. Anyone can toss on a hardtail and call it a chopper, but to be right, it needs the small details tied in.

You can see more of the details from this view. Hugh, you and the boys did a good job on this one!

Jeremy had just enough moonshine to decide this outfit was appropriate. I tried to get that drunk, but just couldn't make it. I'm glad I could preserve the moment for all the fans out there. Can't wait to see your party clothes next year ;-)

Moon and Bill getting gas. I liked this old station, it was like a time capsule from when I was a kid. They still had old style pumps and a REALLY old Texaco sign.

Now for a couple of pics of the greatest pair of bikes I saw all weekend. This person LOVED their smiley faces, right down to the mirrors of the bike. I guess it's all good as long as they're having fun.

And the other half of the pair, this one a HUGE Tennessee and SEC fan. I'd love to find out where they found the big orange T mirrors. After what I did to the old Batcycle/Honda I can't say too much, at least they're having fun.

And just to make up for the two previous pictures here is a near perfect Knucklehead to make amends. Hope this helps to clean the other images out of your brain.

Until next time.....


  1. So wait a minute...does this mean there is a Hawk out there with a KZ tank...and a woman wearing men's swim trunks...?with strategically placed smiley faces...? quick, show me that Knuckle again.

  2. You're losing it! Quick Look at the knuckle! TRY to unsee what you have seen!!!!!!!