Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Primitive Cycles!

Met some guys at the Conte Kustoms open house from Primitive Cycle in Tuscaloosa, AL. These guys live up to their name! A month ago when the tornadoes ravaged Tuscaloosa these guys managed to get through it alive and mostly intact. However they were busting ass to get this bike ready for the Dixie Roundup so they were in their shop with no electricity and not much else trying to get the bike wired and plumbed in time for the show. They ended up not making it, but that was because of a vendor screwing up a parts order TWICE. It sure as hell wasn't from a lack of effort on their part. On to the bike, it's an old Honda 750 with a nice looking hardtail added to it, a round oil tank, a vintage mustang style tank with the old flush mounted gas cap straight from the old days, not a modern repop. The pipes are 4 into 2's and sound mean as hell. The rest of the bike is your basic chopper bad ass stuff. Killer king & Queen seat on a flat fender, drum brakes and a cool set of handlebars that really seem to work with this set up. Check out the pics here and see even more on their website Primitive Cycle.

Nice way to get the word out about the shop. Make it obvious who made the beast.

Good view of the pipes in this shot.

Those handlebars, the seat and that vintage tank really make this bike a standout in a sea of retro choppers.

As you can see no front brake is the way to go.

The guys from the shop showing some of the details to Spenser.

It's great to see some more local/regional shops get up and running. The more cool bikes around here the happier I become ;-) Be sure and give these guys a call or go by and see them.

Primitive Cycle
(205) 242-5537
Tuscaloosa, AL


  1. I don't think I understand choppers. I get the basic premise, take off all the extra crap. I get the style, everyone has their taste. But no front brake? The 750 is overweight and underbraked to start with. I'll ride just about anything, but taking that down a hill would be terrifying.

    Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

  2. I've been riding my Triumph for 20 years with no front brake. It's not a big deal, you just compensate with your following distances and what not. If you live in the Rockies it can be a big deal on a hill. Anywhere around here the hills just are not that big. You build your bike for where you ride I guess.