Tuesday, June 7, 2011

oNe WiLd BmW!!!!

Another great bike from the BMR. It started life as a BMW and somewhere during its life it managed to start running with the wrong people and ended up in the shape you see here. once again I didn't get the details, but as you can see the details are there for you to see. If you know more about this bike feel free to add the info in the comments. Great work like this needs to be recognized!

Top view, not much left from here that came from Bavaria.

Handmade leaf spring forks and all kinds of other cool details.

Some more details of the front end. I like the cool cage they made for the light as well as the way it is mounted and the handlebars are VERY unique. The wing nuts holding the leaf spring are a nice touch.

Very nice clean lines from this angle.

You don't see this style of brake set up very often. ESPECIALLY on a shaft driven engine. A very nice job was done converting the drivetrain to a chain drive. A lot of work and design went into this set up.

I never knew the key switch was part of the engine cases. I've always liked how the kick starter was set up on old BMW's. It makes sense with the way the crankshaft spins, but it just looks odd. Once again a lot of details for you to stare at and ponder.

I promise that I will start carrying a notepad of some kind and will get more details on these bikes. A lot of great work is seen, but not really understood. I want to give you the details needed to understand it.


  1. That bike belongs to Eric from FNA Cycles out of Lakeland FL. I gave that bike a trophy at Willie's one time..can't remeber exactly, they are all starting to run together!!!

  2. Thanks for the info! I KNEW someone would fill in a few blanks. By the way I DID just buy a new notebook to carry with me when I take pics ;-)

  3. Glad you dig the bike, here are a few details...73 750 engine, weber VW carbs, one off frame, front end, exhaust, bars, modded FL tank, led sled fender, atv differential for chain drive conversion, battery and electrics are in the case behind the key, it won L.O.M. pick a few years ago, Thanks Eric

    Cool Blog you got here!!

  4. Eric, thank you for filling in the details. I just bought a notebook to carry with me when I have my camera so I can actually ask a few questions and post the info with the pics I take. This bike is beautiful and I'm glad I was able to share it with everyone.