Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Black Betty, A 50's Caddy With Great Style.

How can ya have a Rockabilly show without a classic Cadillac? Fortunately we didn't have to find out because Black Betty here showed up for the show. Once again I didn't get much info, this time it's because I was in a hurry to get in and hear the bands. Sorry, that's how it goes sometimes. I gave the owner one of my cards so if you see this go ahead and post some details in the comments. Basically from what I could see the car is mostly stock with a few choice mods. The paint is flat black, but the roof was bright green and shining like a gem. Throw on a little pinstriping to get people to stop asking what color it was gonna get painted and you have this sweet ride.

Love the wide whites and Caddy hubcaps.

You can see the shiny green roof here.

The proud owner of this fine ride.

Love the small fins on these cars.

Nice view of the pinstriping.

Very cool plasma cut metal adorning the engine. This is a great very lightly molested car that I would LOVE to own. I hope this ride sees a million more miles before it reaches the end.

 How could I post this car without sharing the pic I took of the Big Boy tattoo? Gotta love it. Saw a TON of great ink, but I felt weird about just walking up to people I didn't know to get pics. I'll get over that one day, it's just a left over from those awkward shy teenage years .

Some of the hula hoop practice got a little interesting.


  1. That thing is SWEET, you just don't see 4 doors that look that good!

  2. JD, This is way off base but just letting you know on friday a show called the flea man on national geographic channel is all about batman collectibles. Thought you might want to catch it.

  3. Thanks for the info KS, now tell me who you are. You MUST know me to give this info, but I don't know this screen name :-)