Friday, June 24, 2011

Randomness Abounds!

Since it's Smokeout Weekend and a lot of folks are up there playing around I thought I'd go ahead and post some random stuff that I kinda wanted to post, but it never really went with anything. Hope ya like some of these.

This one is for Bill since he liked the truck so much and mentioned this van in his comments. Rough, but still cool. Supposedly it just needs a radiator, I'd love to have it.

Gotta have that ladder to reach the cool stuff you can't fit inside!

I made this YEARS ago when I was first learning Photoshop. The original picture was of a drag bike I was doing some marketing for. It was a small team and a $5 axle adjuster killed us when it let the chain come off and broke the engine.transmission case.

Same picture done a different way.

An earlier version of the Triumph. The springer looked cool but really sucked, especially since it was too short and had the front of the frame a 1/4" lower than the rear.

The last ironhead I owned. I used FX fender rails mounted on the outside of the frame so I could use a little wider fender and get the the bike lower and meaner looking. Hate that I had to sell this one. I traded a Rebel 250 to get it. Didn't look this nice back then though.

Another view of the previous Triumph incarnation. I love to play in Photoshop and do different stuff to my pictures.


  1. You traded a rebel for an ironhead?! Geeeezz Jeff, I need to get you to go sickle shopping with me!

  2. There is a long story behind it that I can tell you over a beer or six sometime.

  3. That's the same model I had, and like an idiot I let it go. It had the big rearend and would have been a good one to transplant a V-8 into. Someone had put a 200 CI 6-banger out of a Mustang into it,so it cruised alright(got a pic of it at my blog). A friend of mine has one with the 240 six and it does pretty good. If you ever get one, make sure you have the sheetmetal piece that helps duct air to the radiator area. A lot of people leave that piece off, and it can cause cooling probs.

  4. No shit about the belly pan man just learned that one on the 69' A108 I picked up the other day.