Friday, June 17, 2011

Loading Bikes For A Road Trip

It's that time of year when we load up our bikes and take off for days at a time. Some folks are old hands at this and some are doing it for the first time. I thought it would be cool to take pics of everyone's bike before we all left for the BMR (yes, I still have a ton of pics that I haven't posted from that trip). I picked the ones that I thought showed a good cross section of various packing styles. Check em out and get your own bike loaded up and go somewhere!

Spenser's bike was packed pretty lightly, but then again he cheated. His girlfriend was going with us and some of his stuff was tossed in her car. But then again, we all ended up with stuff in Holly's car before it was all over .

A.J. from Mississippi divided his stuff between the fender and handlebars. He did end up with almost all of it on the back before it was all over. His seat is low enough that stuff on the bars ended up blocking his view.

Ross, built this bad ass rack for his bike and he ended up with his and most of Bill's (see yesterdays post) stuff on his bike. I think we could have ALL piled our stuff on there, the rack was THAT damn good.

Ed actually packed a day or so ahead of time and road tested his stuff before the trip. Ed is the Bungee Master. Give him a few bungees and not only will your stuff be strapped on and secure, but it will be a work of art as well (see next pic).

See what I mean???? Not just simple hooks and bungees, but a true work of art.

Ian went pretty simple with his, it did end up as a nice backrest for him though.

This is how Larry started out on Dixie Wrecked. It was an OK job, but at our first stop Ed helped Larry repack it all and it became a work of art!

And finally, we have my bike loaded and ready. I took this pic before I left the house to meet everyone. With my stuff packed like this it was a perfect backrest and that combined with the ape hangers and heel rests on my pegs made for a VERY comfortable ride. I ended up not even squirming at all, even after a few hours of riding. If your bike is loaded right and your bars, seat and pegs are all in the right spots you can ride all day and still function when you get there.

Now get your ass out there and go somewhere!


  1. Nah, Ross like his big ass on an air mattress and watching DVD's. I think next year he's gonna bring some lumber with him and build a front porch on his tent!

  2. LOL! Yep, Ross with be sleeping in the nylon palace next year.