Friday, June 10, 2011

Dain From Evel Twin Motor Werks

While we were on a Beer run during BMR I saw these guys at the grocery store and had to go over and talk to them.  A little while later I noticed Dain sitting out in the open area of the BMR campground a got a few pictures.  I see a good number of guys who have been messed up pretty bad from either bike wrecks or from Military Service. Too many of those folks have given up on what makes them truly happy. They think that since they lost a little flesh that they are not "whole" anymore. I love it when I run across people who said "screw that!" They love life and intend to live it as fully as they can. Dain is one of those guys and so is his long time riding partner (I'm an asshole and forgot to write down his name). Basically Dain was in a bad motorcycle wreck a few years ago and ended up losing his leg from just below the hip and his left arm which is still there, but has very little use except for his middle two finders. Did this stop him from riding? HELL NO!! He has pulled himself up with the help of some friends and learned to deal with it and to get on with life. He's modified his bike so that he can still ride even though his prosthetic leg doesn't want to cooperate in that act. Screw it He's gonna ride! He gives a lot of the credit for him being able to get back on the road to his friend who himself lost his leg many years ago and is actually the subject of Michael Lichter's photo "Early Morning" from Sturgis in 1979. Seeing these two guys riding around reminds us that if we really want to ride we need to quit whining and get off our asses and just do it!

If you're ever in Nashville and need some work done give Dain a call at the shop, Evel Twin Motor Werks (615) 818-7027 By the way did you catch how he spells the shop name? That's right he knows the deal :)

Dain and his Dyna modified to be hand shifted from this side with a simple but ingenious shifter set up..

Yep, that's his leg strapped across the back of the bike, doesn't stop him from riding though.

Dain's riding partner and inspiration to get back on two wheels. He was the subject of M. Lichter's famous photo posted below. It was really cool to not only meet a man who wouldn't let his injuries get him down, but who is also the subject of one of the coolest photos ever taken at a Biker Party.

Yep, that's him under the blanket and that's his leg leaning on the back wheel.

If this doesn't inspire you to quit yer bitchin' to get out and ride I don't know what will.

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