Tuesday, May 31, 2011

One of the sweet Sportys of the BMR

The BMR was a Biker party from the old way of doing things. One of the great things about that is that some sweet bikes made the party and I was able to get some pics. I didn't get any details on this one, but I sure liked what I saw. Check it out and enjoy the view.

Dig the detail in front of the gas cap.

Sweet clean lines and I like the recycled sportbike muffler.

Shaved legs, 21" front wheel you know I'm diggin' that.

Lots of handmade parts visible in this shot.

This is a sweet bike that anyone should be proud to ride, not much volume in the gas tank, but otherwise I'd ride the hell out of it.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day.....NEVER Forget What Today Is About!

Most of us have today off of work and we are glad to have the day to enjoy ourselves. Go ahead and have some fun, but be sure to take a few minutes and remember WHY you have today off. A lot of our Men and Women who volunteered to serve or who were drafted to serve gave up ALL of their tomorrows just so you could have today. Never forget that, and never forget these brave Men and Women.  Just to sort of put a face on it, I took these pictures when I was in Savannah back in February. We have Veteran's day to honor our living Vets, we have Memorial Day to honor those who have fallen in battle.

John Rogers of the 66th Regiment, Georgia Volunteers was killed in battle near Atlanta, Ga during the Civil War.

Capt. Robert Anderson of the 9th U.S. Infantry was killed in Manilla on the Philippine Islands in 1901 during the Philippine-American War.

John Maclean was killed in France during WWII.

These are just a few heroes for you to think about today. Honor Our Warriors, they fight for us.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

More Bikes from BMR 2011

Another batch of bad ass bikes from this years Big Mtn Run.

Spenser heading for home. The ride back was pretty good until we started getting separated as some bikes broke down and some guys wanted to make other stops. Still a good ride though.

Wicked Sporty from the campsite next to ours.

Timebomb's kick ass GREEN Dyna.

Colleen's sweet little cafe racer Honda 400.

Gassin' up for the ride home.

Matt Walksler brought this historic beast down from the Wheels Through Time Museum.

Nice Panhead long bike.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

1965 Panhead From The BMR....

My all time favorite old HD and my one day dream bike is a 1965 Electra Glide Panhead. I want one for many reasons, one is because that was the year I was born, it was also the last year for the Pan and the first year for the electric kicker. The lines on this bike are classic and to me epitomize the most time honored HD styling.

I was wandering around the campsite at the BMR and what do I stumble upon? The beauty you see in front of you. As soon as I saw it I knew what it was and HAD to get pics. The owner was nearby and we talked for a few minutes. Unfortunately I have the worst memory for names that I have ever seen. No matter though, he was a great guy and he was riding a gorgeous bike. Enjoy the pics and let me know what your favorite stock HD is in the comments.

Just look at the timeless forks and front wheel.

You can see the Electra Glide script on the front fender and the starter solenoid on the primary. The cross over pipe does a good job of hiding that ugly lump though.

Gotta love fishtail mufflers.

Even the lighting is from the right time period. The tour pak came from one of them damn new fangled shovelheads.

Sometimes you need more room to move your foot around.

All business from this view.

As usual, more pics to come, keep checking back....

And EVEN More Random BMR Pics....

Got a few more edited, I hope to get serious with the bike pics soon. I finally am figuring out how to deal with a folder containing 500 pics. Took a while to figure out how to organize. Professional photographers sure do need to be able to handle a lot of stuff. Maybe one day I'll figure it out and try to go pro.

QCB Rob giving a nut rub.

I call this one "Sleeping Angels" ;-) Spenser and Holly took a nap one day in their tent/hammock so I captured the moment for posterity.

Buttas' QCB logo on his gas tank. He polished the hell out of the tank, put a decal on it, scotchbrited it, removed the decal and the QCB logo shines on!

One of my favorite photographers (Colleen Swartz) riding her bike around the campground as she put it "doing her Queen of England wave".

Found this in the town of Etowah on a beer run. When's the last time you saw a Gran Torino STATION WAGON????

Random Camp pic.

Our local talent that came to the party with us. Of course they're all young enough to be my daughters, but they are all great people too ;-)

The legendary Bill sampling the moonshine and some guy named Marty. I think they said his name was roadkill, roadside...hell I don't know it was something like that ;-)

Once again, stay tuned there is more to come.....

Friday, May 27, 2011

Some Cool Bikes From BMR

There were some bad ass choppers for sure at BMR, here are a few of them. Still a ton more to edit and get uploaded so keep checking back.

Just a fun pic of the boys playing on a little XS400 out on the green.

Sportster that Mosely rode up on.

Nice Shovel

Who said a Twin Cam can't be made to look cool?

Grimey's Shovel, this bike looked NOTHING like this at the Roundup a few weeks ago.

J-Rod's sweet Shovel.

Some bikes from the Led Sled crew.

Stay Tuned more to come as I sort through them.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Friday Morning's Ride Into Town...

We got to the BMR Thursday late so we had a great time that night but by the next morning decided we needed a run to town to get more beer, food and call the significant others to let them know we were still alive. It was a fun ride and I was able to get a few decent shots. We are for sure a riding crew around here, you may see mostly party pics, but we always ride to and from those parties and usually get a few miles in while we are there. Enjoy the pics....

Ross telling me how many friends he has.

Twisty roads are so much fun!

Lean into it!

AJ from Mississippi came with us. What a great guy to hang out with. Can't wait for the next ride/party.

Bill on his XS650. This bike won best Metric in the Bike show Saturday.

Ed cruising on his Sporty.

Ian squeezing a few more miles out of his ironhead.

Jerimiah and Spenser jammin' the Shovelheads

Jesse rockin' his red and black Sporty.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Random BMR Pics

Lots of pics and no real timeline in them. If you missed out on this party you messed up. This reminded me of the old parties we would go to when I rode with a club in Germany. Hangout, party, raise hell, go for rides and not a single RUB in site.

I guess some days you just feel rebellious and need to wear your bikini.Jeremy seems to be enjoying himself ;-)

What are these damn motorcycles doing at a skateboard rally?

A few tables died over the weekend, this was one of them. After it was dismembered and broken, they used it to do burnouts on in front of the stage while the band played. This may be the one that Larry killed with his tribute to Randy Savage.

Tent City! We had all our tents squeezed into the back area of our site to make sure we had room for the drinking and hell raising.

Looking from the middle of Haintsville.

I LOVE these mountains. Some of my Mom's family were Tennessee Hillbillies and I guess I feel the connection.

Just to keep ya humble, this was Trenton, GA as we rode through on the way up. The tornado can't keep them down though, they were still going on with their Fair about 2 miles down the road.

Trying to build the big bonfire. It was a good attempt, but it never got very big.

Can ya tell they were not happy about my flash right about then?

Friday morning, sitting around wondering where to go riding.