Saturday, May 14, 2011

Helmets of the Dixie Roundup! (Part 2)

Here is another installment of helmets seen at the round up. I think I may make this an on going thing. As I see more cool helmets I'll take pics and every once in awhile you get to see a new post full of them. Should find a BUNCH of cool ones at the BMR next weekend.

Very cool hand painted helmet.

This one is a combo of factory and later striping to make it really cool.

Sweet green flake, gotta love this nice blank canvas.

Cool stripe/star combo on this one.

This one has gold leaf, don't see that too often on a helmet anymore.

Ashley got this one painted for Larry as a Christmas present. The paint is unbelievable!

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  1. I love 3/4 helmets but I look stupid in them. So I wear Moto-cross helemts. I just wish I can find a Bell Moto 3 for less than an arm and a leg and a kidney.