Thursday, May 12, 2011

Helmets of the Dixie Roundup! (Part 1 of a bunch...)

Our helmets show people a little bit of what we're into. We all try to do something unique with our lid. We'd rather not wear them, but around here that's not an option. I was digging through the bike pics and realized that I had some decent views of people's helmets. I decided that it might be interesting to crop in on the helmets and feature a bunch of them on here. I have about 15 or so good shots, so I'll spread them out over a few days. Here is the first installment....

A variation of the classic American Flag helmet.

2 for one in this shot.

Nice clean blue metalflake with some cool pinstripes thrown in for fun.

Plain brown helmet with some stickers thrown on to get the message across.

White stripes on a flat black helmet. No frills, just cool.

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