Saturday, May 28, 2011

And EVEN More Random BMR Pics....

Got a few more edited, I hope to get serious with the bike pics soon. I finally am figuring out how to deal with a folder containing 500 pics. Took a while to figure out how to organize. Professional photographers sure do need to be able to handle a lot of stuff. Maybe one day I'll figure it out and try to go pro.

QCB Rob giving a nut rub.

I call this one "Sleeping Angels" ;-) Spenser and Holly took a nap one day in their tent/hammock so I captured the moment for posterity.

Buttas' QCB logo on his gas tank. He polished the hell out of the tank, put a decal on it, scotchbrited it, removed the decal and the QCB logo shines on!

One of my favorite photographers (Colleen Swartz) riding her bike around the campground as she put it "doing her Queen of England wave".

Found this in the town of Etowah on a beer run. When's the last time you saw a Gran Torino STATION WAGON????

Random Camp pic.

Our local talent that came to the party with us. Of course they're all young enough to be my daughters, but they are all great people too ;-)

The legendary Bill sampling the moonshine and some guy named Marty. I think they said his name was roadkill, roadside...hell I don't know it was something like that ;-)

Once again, stay tuned there is more to come.....


  1. What kind of dipshit wears a "white" t-shirt to a biker party..that guy's a fag whoever he is LOL!!!

  2. Yeah, he may be Gay but he does a good job of using chicks as a cover. You'd think he actually likes them or something the way he acts.