Tuesday, May 3, 2011

More People Pics From The Show

Just some random shots I took during the day.

Right to left: Pat from LedSled, Roadside Marty and Boston Mike looking at me like "WTF are you doing with that camera, picture boy?" I was holding the camera down low and using the flip out screen so they wouldn't start posing. I was trying to get just a random shot and Mike caught me.

Not sure who that is in the black shirt in the foreground, hidden behind him though is Whitey, then Timebomb from the BDAC in Atlanta, Nick and the back of Mosely's head.

I took this of myself getting my trophy for "Best British". How else is the photographer going to get some love.....

....I'll tell ya how, give the damn camera to Larry so he can take a decent pic. At least now some of y'all will know who I am. I LOVE my Evel Knievel shirt ;-)

Ashley, and her family did a great job working the booth selling shirts and other important swag including Hairbraine's pin up book! I checked it out and it's pretty damn good. Be sure and buy a copy. I know Low Brow will be selling it soon if they are not already.


  1. I KNEW I should recognize him, but I'm getting old and feeble.