Sunday, May 1, 2011

Indiana To Alabama For A Beer!

Nick and Dustin rode all the way down from Indiana for this party. That kinda kills any excuses you were going to give me for not making it out Saturday. Larry and I rolled up Sat. morning to start getting things set up and there were 2 bikes out front we didn't know. We knew Michael Lewis and some other folks were crashed in the shop so we didn't think much. The guys int he shop get up and want to run to the store so Larry tells them to take the van. No big deal so far right? They come out of the store and there is a homeless person staggering around the back of the van. Turns out Nick and Dustin had crashed in the van Friday night and no one knew it. Nick said he felt the van start to move and got a little worried. Once he heard English and bike talk he knew it was OK. Dustin slept through it all.

Almost 600 miles for a party. Gotta love that.

Dustin trying to wake up while Nick checks his valve train trying to find out why it's burning some oil.

Dustin's bike. I was going to get his pic with it, but he took too damn long to get up and moving.

Nick checking over his baby.

"Why the hell are you burning oil dammit!"


  1. I'd be happy if oil burning was all I had to contend with. Damned old pile of...

    Hope it was worth 600 miles. I need a party like that pretty soon.

    Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

  2. LOL! The joys of owning a bike. The party was worth every one of those 600 miles ;-)