Monday, May 2, 2011

Dixie's Shovelhead Trike

You saw the pic of Dixie and her chauffeur, now you can see her chariot. It's a 69' Shovel motor in a nice trike frame and some pretty damn nice details thrown in for good measure. I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off so I'm sorry I didn't get more details. If you know any more about this one post the info in the comments.

Peace Baby!

Love those classic lines. Looks straight out of "Angels from Hell"

Wide enough rear tires to look mean, but not wide enough to get cheesy.

Nice box on the back for some lunch a few beers and some scooby snacks for Dixie.

Backing into place. It was strange to see a bike backing into a parking spot like that.


  1. Built by Jimmy O'brien of slims in atlanta. Cycle source shot it there so you will see it in the next few months. Oh yeah and Dixie rides every where he goes rad as hell.

  2. Right On! I KNEW one of y'all would fill me in. I kept saying I was going to talk to him and get the scoop and instead got distracted every time.