Friday, May 6, 2011

Sportsters from the Roundup (part 2)

More of the Sportsters. I know I missed at least a few, but you get the idea that XL's were well represented at the show. Just remember..... Sportster, kicking Big Twin ass since 1957!

Mild custom, I think this is one of the guys from Chop Cult. Very nice military theme going on here.

The way we've been building them for as long as I've been riding. My first Sporty was done a lot like this 20 years ago.

Load's bike, good guy, but he had some bad luck. First a bolt was rubbing his tire and then later his kick stand decided it was done playing and broke at the hinge. That's OK though, he just found a wall at Mathew's to lean it on. The party MUST go on!

Bad ass bike, it even had a siren hidden on it.

Bare metal coolness. He rode in with the Mil Spec bike, and I believe he is also on the Chop Cult board.

I LOVE this ironhead. The paint is obnoxious and the lines are clean and classic. What's not to like. PLUS, he rode it all the way from Georgia as well.

Another GA bike. Very clean and I like the tank he picked out. Genuine HD, but totally different than what you normally see on an XL.

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