Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Spenser's Triumph....

This post is going to make Stewie all nostalgic on us. This is his old Triumph that he reworked about a million times and finally ended up getting pics taken by Back Street Heroes magazine. It took a while but they are finally in the latest issue (that we can get stateside). This bike was a fun cool little bike, but unfortunately it had to go to raise funds for the Shovelhead. It is missed, but Spenser takes solace in helping me with my Triumph and for that I'm grateful.

Clean and simple, just the way a Triumph should be. I LOVE those fork shrouds and would like to get a set for my bike. One day I guess.

The perfect silhouette.


  1. Nice design. I dig the wheels and the seat the most. I'm not huge on the tank color, but the lines of it look so damned good.

    Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

  2. He found the tank that way and it was one of those, "so ugly it's cool" kinda things.

  3. Knarly little Trump. I like it! Hmmmm, perhaps a 10 year Triumph build next for Ol' Waylon. Oh, thanx for the shirt inspiration, Jeff. Hahahahaha.