Thursday, May 26, 2011

Friday Morning's Ride Into Town...

We got to the BMR Thursday late so we had a great time that night but by the next morning decided we needed a run to town to get more beer, food and call the significant others to let them know we were still alive. It was a fun ride and I was able to get a few decent shots. We are for sure a riding crew around here, you may see mostly party pics, but we always ride to and from those parties and usually get a few miles in while we are there. Enjoy the pics....

Ross telling me how many friends he has.

Twisty roads are so much fun!

Lean into it!

AJ from Mississippi came with us. What a great guy to hang out with. Can't wait for the next ride/party.

Bill on his XS650. This bike won best Metric in the Bike show Saturday.

Ed cruising on his Sporty.

Ian squeezing a few more miles out of his ironhead.

Jerimiah and Spenser jammin' the Shovelheads

Jesse rockin' his red and black Sporty.

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