Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day.....NEVER Forget What Today Is About!

Most of us have today off of work and we are glad to have the day to enjoy ourselves. Go ahead and have some fun, but be sure to take a few minutes and remember WHY you have today off. A lot of our Men and Women who volunteered to serve or who were drafted to serve gave up ALL of their tomorrows just so you could have today. Never forget that, and never forget these brave Men and Women.  Just to sort of put a face on it, I took these pictures when I was in Savannah back in February. We have Veteran's day to honor our living Vets, we have Memorial Day to honor those who have fallen in battle.

John Rogers of the 66th Regiment, Georgia Volunteers was killed in battle near Atlanta, Ga during the Civil War.

Capt. Robert Anderson of the 9th U.S. Infantry was killed in Manilla on the Philippine Islands in 1901 during the Philippine-American War.

John Maclean was killed in France during WWII.

These are just a few heroes for you to think about today. Honor Our Warriors, they fight for us.

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