Thursday, May 19, 2011

Confederate P-120

I'm off for the Big Mountain Run this weekend so I won't be around to post anything. Here's a few pics of a Confederate P-120  to hold you over. Y'all have fun, I know I sure as hell will!

Last Summer my Boss's son interned at Confederate Motorcycles and one day he brought this by for us to see. It's a Confederate P-120, one of their newer bikes. As you can see there is some BEAUTIFUL machine work on this bike and some great welds and other cool stuff. BUT, once it's all put together it looks like crap. At least that's my opinion,your mileage may vary. Excuse the quality of these pics, I took them with my cell phone quite a while back.

I lasted exactly 15 seconds on that seat , I can't imagine trying to ride on it.

Unique front suspension adn lots of other cool stuff that just doesn't look right all together.

Now to make it up to you here a couple of pics of my friend Zoom's chopper he built with Doc's help. Sweet classic lines and rides like a dream.

Here's Zoom showing off his baby.

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