Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Party At Mathew's Bar

The party at Mathew's after the bike show was a blast! I didn't catch the name of the first band, but Stone Cobra was the 2nd and both bands were pretty damn good. If you made it out to the bike show you got a wrist band that was good for free PBR from the couple of kegs that Larry bought. After they ran out you were on your own, but from what I saw no one went too thirsty. Enjoy the pics and relive the fun, or if you were not able to make it out then just sit back and wallow in your jealousy.

Raising hell and having fun. The folks I recognize are Pat from Led Sled, the back of Spenser's head, Nick and Ashley.

Showing some compassion for this young lady. I remember her saying something about her being the designated driver. I don't think she was able to fulfill that role ;-)

Lots of folks brought their beers out and hung out in the parking lot. Of course it's against the law, but most of the cops were busy dealing with real problems and left us alone.


The bar area of Mathew's.

Getting ready to tear shit up!


  1. Boozer is a Prospect now for my Beloved Boozefighters?