Monday, May 2, 2011

Running Wild Through Birmingham!!!

After the bike show at GarCo we lined a lot of folks up and rode out together for the Dice Party at Mathew's downtown. I haven't ridden in a pack this big since my old MC days back in Germany. What a Rush! The pack stayed fairly organized and I was able to run up and down the sides to get some decent pics. Here's a few to let you know how much fun we had.

Waylon representing the BDAC and the "What I see" blog!

Brunson on that new chopper. Diggin' the new bars man!

Chauncy looking for someone. When I first saw this I though of Danny Lyon's photo "Crossing the Ohio".

Hairbraine rolled all the way from Atlanta for this. Looks like he's enjoying himself.

Larry and Ashley with Warren photobombing in the background.

Looking back at the Pack. I LOVE this shot. It was totally luck that got me this one.

Timebomb hamming it up!


  1. Looking good, you grabbed some really good shots, luck or otherwise. Must have been a hell of an ordeal with a crew like that.

    Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

  2. It was a fun ride. Most of the time everyone stayed in one lane and I could run up the side. They all pretty much knew what I was doing and looked out for me.