Monday, July 11, 2011

Playing With My Camera And Having Some Silly Fun

Since I got the new camera a while back I've been trying to get the hang of all these new wizz bangs and cool stuff I can do with it. One reason I wanted this camera was so I could play with the depth of field and a few other creative ideas. Since it is much easier to practice with small easy to manipulate subjects I like to take pictures of my toys.YES, I still have toys, just because I have to get older doesn't mean I have to grow up! Some of my favorite toys are my Evel Knievel bikes and figures. Since this is a chopper blog and I actually have Evel's chopper why not use it and then post it here for y'all to make fun of ;-) Hopefully soon I can find some more cool bike stuff to share. Until then I'll mix in some old stuff and some weird stuff to keep you entertained.

Evel out for a cruise in the countryside, just him, his bad ass chopper and the open road!

Then just to get the adrenaline flowing a nice romp through the woods on the dirt bike. Enjoy the mud my friend!

My Wife had a fit when she heard that I was out laying in the road taking pictures of toys, but that's how we roll around here. Screw danger get the got shot for my readers. Catch ya later....

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  1. Evil RULES son! You need to find me a snake river canyon toohthbrush Jeff!