Thursday, July 14, 2011

Scanned in some old pics....

I was scanning some pics to share with my old Army buddies and decided to scan in some of these to share here. They're a mix from different places and times, but they are all at least 10 years old. I hope you dig em!

One of my first real riding partners Tattoo on his old ironhead Sporty riding through the German countryside. We had a blast back then, no real cares, just looking for a good time and a few wild women. Luckily we usually found both ;-)

My old '75 XLCH after I put the motor in a older XL frame with a welded on hardtail and a ton of bondo to hide the welds. I was trying to put an old VW taillight on it as you can see on the back. Never did get it to fit like I wanted but the idea was a good one I just needed better tools.

Me sitting on the bike outside the barracks at Ft. Bragg, NC around 1992. I was building this bike on the concrete slab just in front of where the bike is in this pic. Not a great place to do any cool work, but better than nothing.

The parking lot outside the Night Owl Lounge in Fayetteville, NC (FayetteNam for those who know). This place was a really cool Biker Bar with a pool table and bar downstairs and another bar and small stage with strippers upstairs. One of the best things was when the woman who owned the place got drunk she would walk out and tell Ted to "start that damned bike I wanna ride" that meant we were all gonna line up and ride our bikes through the bar. One night Steve decided to stop in the middle of the bar and do a burnout on the knuckle. It was beautiful to see all that tire smoke fill up the bar. The pool table had a huge scar from his passenger peg for the whole rest of the time I was stationed there. Starting from the left in this pic there is a stock Sporty, then the white Softail with one of the first set of Indian style fenders you could get for Harleys, pretty much a prototype for the later so called Indians they sold. Next was my friends old Knucklehead then another old friend's ironhead Sporty in an Amen Savior frame and finally a 1200 Sporty. You never knew what bikes you would see here or what club might show up. It was always a blast and I really miss the old place.

 A few of my fellow Stray Dogs from Germany. This day we decided to go to Darmstadt because one of us really wanted a DarmstarterBrau beer. What the hell, 75 miles for a special beer is no big deal so we took off. This picture was taken in the parking lot of the real Frankenstein's castle the actual place where Mary Shelly wrote the book. I'll post pictures of it sometime later. In this pic we have Horse and his now Ex-wife on his Shovel then John and Jacque on his Low rider that John still owns today with a few hundred thousand miles on it. John also owns and runs Millar Machine in Orchard, TX.

This is Shannon Graham and his son standing by his drag bike. It was an early 80's ironhead that was a mean damn machine. Unfortunately a busted axle adjuster let the chain get loose and bind up on the front sprocket blowing the cases vertically, ending our racing days.

I hope y'all like this old stuff, be sure to leave comments and let me know if you like it. I still have plenty more pictures I can scan and add off and on.


  1. Biker shit. I saw your screen for your kustom shirts yesterday Kustom Jeff. They look good.

  2. Love the old stuff dude, keep it coming and thanks for sharing.


  3. Thanks Nick! I can't wait to try and make some shirts. I also have found out how to do that discharge printing you were bragging about. ;-)

    AJ, Thanks for liking this old crap ;-)

  4. Yeah man, these pics are quality.

  5. fantastic posts... keep it up mate !!!!