Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Independence Day In Franklin TN

Sunday the 3rd was spent downtown Nashville with the kids, but Monday the 4th was spent in Franklin with just my Wife and I. It was a great time and really takes you back to a good time in our history. Franklin is a town that has embraced growth and modern life, but only outside of its downtown historical district. Independence Day in Franklin is a slice of the good old days. They block off a a few blocks around the town square and have a good old fashioned party. Vintage cars, square dancers, food vendors and all kinds of other small town goodness. If you get the chance to visit on the 4th DO IT! I expected to see Andy and Barney walking down the street at any moment. I'll be posting car pics off and on for a while until I show you all the really good ones.

Under the hood of a 1968 Chevelle SS396.

This car was a beauty and for having a 20 year old paint job I was totally impressed with the straightness of the body.

Another view.

From the rear. The guy taking the picture of the interior is Dave. He is from California and was in town with his Wife visiting relatives after she finished a training class in Memphis. Dave takes pictures of old Ghost Towns and other cool places in California and decided to get as many cool pics while he was in the South as he could. It was great to meet ya Dave. Hope you have a great trip.

Sweet 1966 Chevy Malibu. The paint on this car was RED and I mean RED! Once again flawless body work and super smooth paint make this car a beauty to behold.

The tail of the beast.

Looking down Main Street from the Courthouse Square.

The Confederate Memorial in the Green of the Courthouse Square.

I'll post more pics from the trip on my other blog if you want to see them. I try to stick with mostly Bike/Car pics on this one.