Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Even More Accolades For Bill!

It's always good to see your friends get the recognition they deserve. Bill has been riding the hell out of this bike and I'm glad to see it featured in The Horse, Spenser took the pictures and of course they are great. Go pic up the new issue and check it out. I don't want to say too much more, you need to read it for yourself.

First spread

Second Spread.


  1. Let me be the first to say it for the record..Bill did such a great job on this bike that now people are NOT going to hardtail XS 650's anymore!!! Looks like Bill is gonna be the next trendsetter..GREAT JOB Bill the bike looks awesome!!!!

  2. Nice looking bike, kind of a very muscular "trials" bike. I'm bringing a "hardtailed " '57 Triumph back to a swingarm configuration, not easy as they chopped out the swingarm mount. Years ago I gave the hardtail section to a friend who never used it and gave it back. After I finish the current projects I'll probably have enough stuff to build a a bike similar to the one in the latest post above...